Don’t forget to get this to close!

If you’re selling your home in New Jersey, just know that you’re going to need something called a Certificate of Continued Occupancy in order to be able to close on your property. And just know that a lot of different towns call this a lot of different things. It could be Continued Certificate of Occupancy; it could be a C.O. – Certificate of Occupancy. It could also just be a smoke certificate.

So, go to your town’s website, figure out what they want, download the forms, fill them out, and send it to the town with whatever fees are required. Usually the fees are between $50.00 – $100.00.


Once the town has your application, they’ll process it, they will send an inspector out to your dwelling to make sure that smoke detectors, carbon monoxides, fire extinguishers, and that the dwelling itself is in good habitable shape. You need to give them enough time. Make you’re doing it at least 4 weeks before your closing. Otherwise, you might run into having to delay the closing because the town hasn’t issued the certificate.