How to Choose a Listing Agent?

All right. Let’s talk about it.

You want to sell your house. How do you choose and agent? There’s so many to choose from.


Here’s my take away. You have to 100% trust, whoever it is that you hire. There can’t be an ounce of doubt. Otherwise, you’re not setting yourself up for success. You have to trust what they’re doing, that they are capable of selling your home. This is usually one of the biggest transactions for most people, so you have to trust them. It’s like you have to trust them with your life, basically. If there is no trust, there is no way that this is going to end well. So, that’s a major component.

Of course, you want to look at other things. Like, what is their track record? How many homes have they sold? Do they know the market? Know what their past clients say about them. What services do they offer and what is their commission rate? On top of that, go over their marketing, and pre-listing strategy. It is important that they have their own system.

The final thing to look at is communication. How are they going to communicate? I feel that other people don’t think about this, but it’s so important because oftentimes an agent will present you with pre-listing and marketing strategies and will say that there are a hundred things to do to get your home sold. Which is fantastic. But, how will you, as the homeowner, know if those things are getting done? They need some sort of system to let you know that things are being done. They need some communication system for providing you with feedback from showings.

How often will you hear from them? How will you hear from them? How will you know what’s going on with your transaction? Those are a few questions to ask.

That’s the importance of communication and trust.